Top Ten Test Tips

10. Make sure to take the right test for you. You may not need to take 10 SAT subject tests…research your school choices and their requirements, and think about your own skill set.

9. Know what to expect. Can you use a calculator? How many questions are there? Familiarize yourself with each test before test day.

8. Know the ins and outs of each particular test. For example, do you get points off for skipping answers? This can completely change your testing strategy.

7. Use process of elimination. Cross out the answers that can’t be right and move on from there, saving yourself time and brainpower.

6. Trust your gut. Think carefully, but if an answer seems right to you right away, go with it.

5. You don’t have to go in order. Answer the questions you’re comfortable with first.

4. Learn your testing personality. Maybe you stress over time or skip questions by accident. Work on those issues so you can focus on content.

3-1: Coming soon!