•  Academic Tutoring

› With the aid of your child’s classroom curriculum, our teachers provide the confidence and skills necessary for success at school.

Test Prep

› Instead of paying thousands for a class, let Ready Tutors provide individualized support for college or high school entrance exams, scholarship tests, or standardized tests like the S.A.T. and A.C.T.

•  Enrichment

› Is your child bored in school? Ready Tutors provide the extra push to get children ahead in the classroom and foster their love of learning.

•  Home Schooling

› Tutors can work as full-time home teachers or occasional subject tutors for students learning from home. See our home school section for more details!

Testing Accommodations and Proctoring

› Our tutors are trained in implementing 504 plans and Individual Education Programs (IEP) and can provide accommodations for entrance exams or other testing situations. We can also work with your student on strategies to self advocate and effectively use his or her accommodations. See our testing accommodations section for more details!

College Applications

› Ready Tutors can coach you through the application process! From essay drafting and editing to organizing application packets, we take the stress out of getting into college so you can enjoy your senior year. See our college application section for more details!

Adult Education

› You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Ready Tutors can aid in GED preparation, Citizenship exams, Praxis test prep, and other adult education needs. Contact Us for information.